Need to reformat hard drive…no OS installed

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on a completely wiped hard on a completely wiped hard drive. My cd was rather scratched I do not have another xp pro I do not have another xp pro cd, but I do have a fresh windows 7 cd. How can I format the hard drive to get what is installed of xp pro off of it so that I can install windows 7? to pop the hard drive to pop the hard drive into. I need to be able to reformat from the existing computer.

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Need to reformat hard drive…no OS installed



Hello. Do not worry. This problem is refixable. In order to reformat your hard drive without having any operating system, you can use any utilities that can be used to format your Hard drive. Follow the following steps to solve the problem:

i)                     Insert the installation disc of your Windows 7 Operating System or a disc containing a partition manager into the CD or DVD drive of your computer

ii)                   Reboot your system. When the BIOS loads, press hotkey to activate boot manager, the hotkey will be displayed on the BIOS screen. Then select the driver of the disc you placed in and press Enter  

iii)                  Once your OS installer or partition manager loads, select the “Format” option and choose the drive that you want to format. Click “OK” and wait for the formatting to finish

iv)                  After completion of the process, you may continue with the Operating system installation or simply exit the program that was used to format and shut down the system.

Hope your problem gets solved soon. Best of Luck!

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