Need Personal Feedbacks about Nagios

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I have been reading some good reviews about Nagios but I still wanted to hear it directly from users from this website and what are their personal insights regarding this program.

Can you site one of its best features and how is it being maximize in networking?

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Need Personal Feedbacks about Nagios



The Major features of Nagios are:
1. They Monitors the various network service such as SMTP, POP3, HTTP,NNTP etc.
2. Monitoring of Disk usage and Processor load.
3. Their Plug-in design allows administrators to develop further service checks.
4. Support to redundant Nagios Server.
Nagios Remote Plugin Executor is a Agent that monitor remote system that are hosted on the remote system. Such as hard disk spaces and users which are presently logged or load on the system. Using check_nrpe plug in periodically polls the agent on the remote machine.

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