Need the latest information about Viber software

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What is the latest version released in Viber software? Can I make video calls with the new released Viber software? Can this support windows XP? Can I install this software on any Smart Phone or Tablet? How many contacts can I save with this software? What is the advantage feature added new? Thank You

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Need the latest information about Viber software

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The latest version of Viber software is the Viber version, released on 11.03.2015.
And of course, you can easily make video calls and much more with this newest version as well.
This does not support Windows XP (unlike the previous versions), yet, compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8. Also, it is possible to install this software on any Smart Phone or Tablet. 
New features-
  • full synchronization of communication between multiple devices
  • more convenience in usage
  • free calls to friends & family
However, it is difficult to set a limit for the number of contacts that can be saved in Viber, since all the contacts & other data can be easily & unlimitedly synchronized.
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Need the latest information about Viber software


The latest releases for Viber are:

Version 5.3 for Android and iOS

Version 4.5 for Windows Phone

Version 5.0 for Desktop, which can run on Windows 8, Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and higher installed, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.7 and above installed, and Linux 64-bit

Viber allows you to make free calls and send free messages to contacts that use Viber.  It can be used on any device listed above and on any network from anywhere in the world.  Viber syncs with your contacts that you have saved in your phone, and will show with a Viber badge next to their details.

The new version of Viber for desktop has been smartened up for easier syncing with your mobile from your desktop.  You can also forward messages to any contact that uses Viber through the latest release of the desktop app. 

New features in the Viber for Android version includes the use of Viber with your Android Wear devices if you run Android 4.3 or later versions.

New features in Viber for Windows Phone include swiping between photos so that you can effortlessly see all your photos in any conversation, have the language of your preference displayed in Viber through a setting and you can now use the QP code reader to add new contacts.

The new features in Viber for Windows 8 include an option called Viber Out which allows you to make High Definition calls. You are now able to make video calls, which means you can talk to and seethe contact that you are having a conversation with. It also includes supports for right to left languages.

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