Need to know how can I install Xcode in Windows 7?

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I need to do a programming using Xcode but I do not have MAC pc. Can I download Xcode on windows 7 and I need to know how I install Xcode in Windows 7?

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Need to know how can I install Xcode in Windows 7?



As of the moment, xCode could only be installed on MAC computers. What you can try to do is to run MAC OS X server via VMware. After which, you can install xCode on the VMware server. You can also use Leopard application. However, there is no support on this one as Leopard EULA states that you can only use it on APPLE labelled computers.

Another option you may want to choose is to install OSx86 (also known as iATKOS/Kalyway) on a second partition or disk and dual boot. There is a need to modify an image of Leopard that can be installed on a regular PC.

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Need to know how can I install Xcode in Windows 7?


From what I know, the Xcode application will only work on Mac OS X, and therefore if you need to install Mac OS X in order to use it for programming native applications. Here is what I will recommend that you do.

Since you have windows already installed on your computer and you may not want to loose it because of valuable stuff that you have stored on it or because you find it easier to work with windows, then I will suggest that you install the two operating systems side by side so that there is a dual boot. Just look for a Mac OS X installation CD and then run the setup. Make sure that you install on the same partition as windows so that when the computer starts you are able to choose which OS to load.

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Need to know how can I install Xcode in Windows 7?

Xcode works on Mac Os X. In order to make use of Xcode you need install Mac OS X on to windows 7  PC.
Step1: Create an  free Apple Dev Account to download Xcode for free.
Step2: In OS X, open the App Store and download Xcode. 
Step3:  Once download is completed,Open Application folder from finder and you can see the Install Xcode icon.
Step4: Double click on the Install Xcode Icone.
Step5: Wait for the installation to finish.
Step6: When download is completed it should open itself, if not you will not find the iphone SDK in your dock.
Step7: Then open your hard drive and click on Developer then on the Applications.
Step8: Now you can find the Xcode icon click on it and you can start coding application.
If the icons does not show up you may not have enough virtual hard drive space to fit the program.  You need to have 10GB of free memory in the virtual machine.
This helps you to code your application for your personal use.
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Need to know how can I install Xcode in Windows 7?


Xcode will only work on Mac. I searched and found a workaround for your concern but you will do this at your own risk. You will need the following to install Xcode on your Windows PC:

  • Computer with Intel or AMD processor and has at least 512MB of RAM and note less than 20GB Hard disk space and a Window-based PC.
  • VMWare V7 where you can download.
  • Search and download for the file Iatkos V7 ISO.
  • iPhone SDK with the Xcode. Download the SDK for OS X Leopard 10.5.7. Do not download the Snow Leopard 10.6 and then put it on your USB that is formatted to FAT32 so you can transfer it to your Mac PC.

Steps to do:

1. Install the VMWare that you just downloaded.

2. Run VMWare and then click on File>New>Virtual Machine and then tick the Custom and click Next>Next>tick the Installer disc image file and locate the IAKtos V7.iso that you just downloaded and then click Next again. Tick the Other guest operating system. Ensure that it is FreeBSD version and then click Next and give a name such as Mac or MacOS and then click Next. Set your memory to 512MB and then select Next. Use the NAT>Nextcheck the SCSIAdapter: LSI Logic>Next>Make a new virtual disk>Next>Use the IDE>Next>Set the virtual disk to 16GB or higher>Next>Next>Finish. You have just made the virtual computer and is now ready to use.

3. When done with the step 2, Iatkos will load automatically. Wait for the command prompt and then click on your screen and press F8 to set boot commands. Type -v busratio=7 cpus=1 and then press Enter. The installation screen will be loaded.

4. Click the Disk Utility on the top bar to examine the available disks. Right-click the disk on the left side and then delete it. Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) from the drop-down and put a name to your disk and then Erase. The new disk will show up on the left side. This is part of the virtual disk. And then close the disk utility.

5. The installation will start. Click Next and then Accept the Terms and Conditions. Select the disk you created and then hit Continue. Click Customize on the next screen. There will be a list of all drivers, select the drivers for x86patches – kernel – voodoo 9.7.0, drivers -system -sata/ide -intel sata/ide, drivers – sp2 mouse/keyboard – voodoo PS2 driver. And then click Done and then Install. Skip on the disk checking. This will take some time so be patient.

6. When the installation is done, restart your computer. Click F8 and then type -v busratio=7 cpus=1 or try -v -f busratio=7 cpus=1. It will boot now, configure your MAC.

7. Install the iPhone SDK. It will take some time before it finish. Then you are done. You have a MAC on your Windows using the iPhone SDK.

I hope it works. Good luck!

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