Need to install a software for korean online grammar correction

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I am a Korean online teacher and I am curious if there is a software that I need to install to all my students PC for automatic korean online grammar correction just so it can help them learn grammar while they are at home. What does this software do to correct the grammar of my students? If there is, where can I download them and does it have to cost me money to install it? I wonder if I can install this program/software on tablets and mobiles phones too?

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Need to install a software for korean online grammar correction



Follow this link to download a korean online grammar   that will help your students in learning and perfecting their Korean; It will cost u $30 though it also offers a free trial demo.

More free tools can be found on this link-

Unfortunately, it is not packaged for mobile phones or tablets.

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Need to install a software for korean online grammar correction

Hi Louise,
Many online tool and software program can be used. Most of it will asks you to purchase the application but you can try their free trial to know if it is worth to buy it. Because not all online or offline program is reliable enough to provide an accurate result.
I can recommend you the following online tools which can help your student learn and correct their Korean grammar. Please check below:
1. Grammar checker – this contains English to Korean dictionary wherein you can type your grammar and check if it is accurate. It also have an auto-suggest function which will display the explanation as to why your grammar became incorrect. An example is also provided including additional terms that you may use in alternative to the words you have used.
2. Online Grammar Checker 2.0 – this software supports many languages including Korean. Unfortunately, There is a license fee for $24.00 to use this program. This checker can provide a count of exact matches and tells you how frequently a phrase is used.
3. Korean HakGyo 2.1 – this will teach you the very basics and offers extensive aid with grammatical terms and concepts. It also have recordings which will illustrate each topic, a number of test exercises and task.
4. Korean Grammar checking tool – this can be used through mobile phones with an auto-correct function. It is free of charge and only supports iOS phones. Download this application here.
Good Luck!

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