Need IE32 Help. Please help me!

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I found a pop up stated “tasking.exe is trying to access the internet” as I was browsing the internet. I clicked on ‘Allow’ since I saw this program before, and instantly my IE9 stopped working (though IE9-64b, Firefox works). Hence now I am unable to stream media to my Xbox 360. All of my efforts on trying to fix it and going through the suggestions in here simply went in vain.

Please someone help.

I will be really grateful to you for your help.

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Need IE32 Help. Please help me!


I believe the exact error message is "tasking.exe" trying to connect to the internet. Here's the deal. It's possible that your system is infected by a malware. Here's how to find out:

  1. Try to run System Sweeper. It is a free standalone malware remover form Microsoft. You can get it from here:
  2. You can copy the program into a USB stick by running the downloaded program and choose the option to install to USB.
  3. You need to leave the usb plugged in and run the program again to get the latest virus definitions.
  4. Run the program using your USB. This might take several hours as it will thoroughly scan your system for malware.
  5. Once done check your IE. If it's still not working you may need to remove IE9 and reinstall it.
  6. Try to run the System Sweeper also in Windows safe mode. This will ensure that your system is scanned and cleaned without any other programs running.

Hope that helps!


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