Need of huge database in calculating location

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In my iPhone, I have a huge database of location stored, which is used in location service. Why does Apple need so much of data in calculating the location? 

Also, even if I turn off the location service, the iPhone updates the database of WiFi hotspots and cell towers around the current location from Apple crowd-sourcing.

Why is it so? 

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Need of huge database in calculating location


iPhone smartphones has auto-detect the wireless networks that is available to connect. Most specially if the network is unsecured, it does connect automatically and if there is any update available, it'll download and updates the software by itself. This is caused by software bugs on iPhone, this could be in the form of Apple App or bugs on the specific phone itself.

Apple doesn't track the location of your phone anywhere you at and they don't have plays of doing it for security purposes but it does help iPhone in rapidly when calculating the location. If you encountered so much data needed, this is caused by bugs but concern parties already creating a database to fix this bug, it'll be release shortly.

Apple collects anonymous data  traffic to build crowd-sourced, used with the goal of providing iPhone smartphone users to improved database and traffic service, a prerequisite for future use. 

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