Registry and System Issue on Windows XP SP2

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I have recently built myself a new computer, here are the details:

So far I have installed 3 different Windows Professional operating systems after clean formats. First I installed a Windows XP Professional corporate, then I installed a Windows XP Professional 64-bit corporate and finally most recently I installed just plain Windows XP Professional. Every time I reinstall everything seems to go fine, I fully update XP and install all drivers, install AVG antivirus and update everything else completely. This problem happens over time after every reformat.

At first I will occasionally receive error messages at startup saying that an alternate copy of the registry had to be recovered and everything will be fine. Eventually, though, it will prompt to activate windows again (already activated with no problem) things will start disappearing like settings in my computer (themes and such). When I try to activate windows again it says it cannot be completed at this time?

Then things start getting progressively worse like getting Blue Screens before windows starts up 0x00000021a and 0x00000139 and actually a few others saying Entry point is invalid or cannot be found. When I can finally get into windows it will give me the registry message again, then it will give me "A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer Error Code: 0x80090006". 

After that if I log in, sometimes the graphics driver will not be working and the graphics are set really low. It also seems like some files randomly go bad, such as World of Warcraft will suddenly stop working and the repair utility says the files are damaged.

I have run Chkdisk several times and deep scans never find corrupt sectors but it will occasionally find some corrupt files and fix them. The repair console will not let me log on to the XP installation because of a password, but I never actually set a password for the installation. 

Now, as every other time, I can no longer even get into XP because I get this message "A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer Error Code: 0x80090006" in all modes (safe/normal) and I can't even log in.

I have run windows memory diagnostic for several hours with no errors. You'll notice some parts are over clocked please note I have returned all speeds to stock and even UNDER clocked both memory and CPU to absolutely no avail. Any ideas at all would be GREATLY appreciated.

Windows XP Professional SP2 (fully updated).

Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 (overclocked at 2.25 GHz ATM).

2048 MB GEIL PC2-6400 Dual Channel is running at 4-4-4-12 2.2v.

WD Caviar 160 GB SATA2 3 GB/s 16 MB cache.

Abit IP35-E Motherboard.

NVIDIA 7600GT 256 MB GDDR3 PciE Video Card.

Antec TruePower Trio 550W.

LiteOn DVD+/-RW.

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Registry and System Issue on Windows XP SP2


Let's start off with the basics first. Since you already proved that there is no problem with the integrity of the hard drive then we can rule that out as part of the problem.

Next is with the RAM memory. Ideally, if the system is giving you an error message that it is having problems with the registry I won't suspect any my RAM modules since the registry is stored in the hard drive.

Try the following solutions:

1. You might want to try to scan your computer for any virus using Malware bytes. The symptoms that you provided us is one distinct issue that can sometimes be caused by virus infection.

2. Reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows. However, do not install anything yet except for basic drivers. Now you said that you installed AVG, is this a free anti virus program? You might want to use another anti-virus program. 

This is just to isolate the problem, since your issue is kind of suspicious as its giving a symptom of a virus infection. And yes, there is a fake AVG anti-virus out on the internet. If the issue does not happen after changing your anti-virus then you might be using a fake one.

3. If it still happens, then again re-install the Operating system, update it and install your choice anti-virus. Do not install any other software! This is important. Observe the system for a few days, and if everything goes well, then start installing software one at a time each day and observe for any changes in the system. 

(Make sure system restore is turned on, so that you will be able to restore the system back to an earlier date in case the problem happens) If after installing a certain software and the issue happens again, that means that certain software or program is creating the problem.

4. Are you 100% sure that you are using a legitimate copy Windows XP installation CD, with a valid and legitimate product key? If not, then this might be the problem. Make sure that the copy that you are using to install the Operating System is legitimate and valid.

5. When you say that the problem happens overtime, can you be more specific. How long does it take to occur? This way, we will be able to focus more on what exactly is happening on the computer, and not just guessing as to what actually happened.

Hope this helps.

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Registry and System Issue on Windows XP SP2


Hi Sandra,

Are you using an illegal version of windows? If you did then it’s one of the reasons why you having a registry error in your computer. If not, then try to run some registry repair program, use CCleaner to wipe out the junk registry on your system. If you don’t have a CCleaner installed on your PC then you can download it here.

Just follow the simple installation after the download is finished, open the CCleaner program and click the issues tab and click the scan for issues, after the scan is complete click the fix selected issues, a dialog box will appear telling that if you need to back up the registry, just click no, and another dialog box appears, just click the fix all selected issues, after that just closes the program, restart if needed.

click the issues tab and click the scan for issues after the scan is complete click the fix selected issues

Hope this solve your problem.

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