Need Help Microsoft Access Error

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Hi everyone,

I am using Windows 7 Operating System and have installed Microsoft Access but an error occurred using this software “Transaction must occur on or before today’s date”. I need your help to fix this small issue. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Microsoft Access

Transaction must occur on or before today’s date.

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Need Help Microsoft Access Error


That message is an example of an error that can be triggered when Validation Rule is applied to avoid entering of data for dates after today’s date. The message appears only if the data entered doesn’t meet the validation requirements like what is written in the expression.

If the user enters a valid date, meaning the date occurs on or before today’s date, the record will be saved and the error is not triggered. Applying Date functions are also effective in controlling the allowed dates that can be entered into a given Date/Time field. For example, you have a sales table and you only want users to enter a transaction happening on or before today’s date.

You can accomplish this by writing an expression in the field’s Validation Rule property box within the table. Here’s how to do it. First, open the table that contains the field you want to control in Design View. To open in Design View, right-click on the table and select Design View. Next, select the field you want to modify. For example, the Invoice Date field in the image.

Under Table Properties, in the bottom portion of the screen, click inside the Validation Rule property box and enter without quotes “<=Now()”. This guarantees that the date the users enter should happen on or before today’s date. To simplify it, the date has to be less than or equal to now.

After that, in the Validation Text property box, type without quotes “Transaction must occur on or before today's date”. Doing this, when a user enters a date happening after whatever “now” is, the user will be alerted with a message saying that the transaction must happen on or before today’s date.

In your case, to fix the problem, simply enter a date that will happen on or before today’s date. That should fix the problem.

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