Need help with meta information

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone answer the following questions? what are meta tags what can I do with them how to use meta tags.

Thank you

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Need help with meta information



Meta tags the part of html and very much important for SEO.Meta tags define your content to search engines.As meta tags help search engines providing more information about your content you may have a good luck to be considered by search engine. Meta tags starts with <meta and end with />

Meta tags are used on head option of your html webpage,after the title tag.There are many meta tags as for example keyword description author,date or validity content type language and so on.

Search engine want to get more information about your about your website and meta tags are the way to provide more data to search engine.

And again html code are only read by search engines and human only read your content. But do you know the more keyword your webpage contain the more chance for you?

And search engine count all the words weather it is in any tag or on body.

One example of meta tags <html><head><title>Your title</title><meta name="keyword" content="your keywords separated by comma(,)"/></head><body> and you can implement other meta tags too in this same way.

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Need help with meta information


A meta tag is a kind of tag that you put in the source code of your HTML page that is used to describe or explain several aspects of the contents of the web page. The information or the details you supply in a meta tag is used by search engines or SEOs to index the page. This way, any user searching for that kind of information in a page will be able to find it.

When you put a meta tag on your web page, it should be placed inside the heading tag <head> </head>. There are different kinds of meta tags but the most important meta tags for search engines are the keywords and description meta tags. The keywords meta tag lists the words or even phrases that best describes the contents of your web page.

Here is an example of a keywords meta tag: <meta name="keywords" content="video, free, chat, download, stream" />. The description meta tag provides a short 1 or 2 sentence description of the page. Here’s an example of a description meta tag: <meta name="description" content="Free video streaming, download, and chat." />.

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