Need help( LAN is properly connected but dont have internet connection)

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My system is windows 7 professional. From today my internet is not working. LAN connection is fine. Wireless also fine.I use internet through my university LAN. I have dual boot with Win XP, when i boot to Win XP, internet is working fine. When i change the network cable to another Win 7 PC also working fine. I checked all places, everywhere working fine.

Recently i install Chinese antivirus program "360" ( and it has another programs and always connecting to the internet. I thought that the problem from those software, and I uninstalled. But problem is remaining.

Can anyone help me to solve this. I am posting this the same PC and same network connection, but using Win XP. If I boot Win 7, internet is not working.

Please, I need your help.




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Need help( LAN is properly connected but dont have internet connection)


That’s odd. Maybe your network card is not properly installed in Windows 7. Try booting on Windows 7 then uninstall your network card’s driver from the Add or Remove Programs then go to the Device Manager and see if your network card has the yellow question mark in it.

This means that the device is already uninstalled. Restart your computer then boot again to Windows 7.

Check if Windows 7 will detect the device and asks you to install its driver. If Windows 7 did not detect any hardware during boot, I think you need to remove the network card from its slot in the CPU. Before doing this be sure to turn off the computer. Just remove the network card from the slot then re-attach it back. Then restart your computer under Windows 7.

Check again if Windows will detect the device. If it still did not detect the device, turn off the computer again then transfer the network card to the other available slot. Then start again the computer in Windows 7.

Do this until Windows detects the hardware then install its driver back.

You may also check if the network card’s driver is fully compatible with Windows 7. Check the system requirements of your network card. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why your network card is not working.

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