Need a fixed asset verification code in excel.

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I did a fixed asset verification and details are in an excel sheet including the following details.

Department, Category & item.

Eg.          Department       Category              Item                      Number

                Finance                furniture              Chair                      001

I want to create and item code as follows.


If the above details are in four columns in excel can I make a code in the next column by using a formula.

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Need a fixed asset verification code in excel.


According to the requirement of you I will be able to give you a solution using some Microsoft excel functions. I will you “ LEFT” function and the “&” option.

I will take an example in order to explain you the answer.

Please see the image below. I entered a new column to enter the new code.

Enter New Code

Now please be good enough to type the following formula in cell E3.

Enter Formula in Excel

Now copy that formula into below as follows. Then you will be able to see the result you want.

Please see the report below.

Copy the Formula by Draging

I believe this answer would help you.

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