Need a fix for aastra importer csv option

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I have a csv file containing my contacts and want to import it to my aastra telephone so the directory will have numbers to dial. I have already accessed the configuration server and made a new directory which contains my file phonebook.csv. However, when I go to the directory services, it displays that the phonebook is empty. Can anybody tell me what’s wrong or how do i fix this aastra importer csv method?

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Need a fix for aastra importer csv option


Hi i think you might have made a mistake some where during the procedure. Follow these steps to check whether you have followed the correct procedure . If not correct the mistake that you might have made.

1. Create a text file name directory.csv (Using notepad).

2. Enter the numbers in the following format.

 Joyce Meghan, 222222222222(Phone Number), 1,Home,private

 Joyce ,2222222222233,1,cell,private

3.If you have a cordless set too then keep the numbers public.

4.Upload the file to the Asterisk server under the TFTBboot directory.  

5 Search for a file name aastra.cfg. Open it and at the bottom write this directory 1:directory.csv(Or the text file name that you might have given).


That should do it for you..Thanks!

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