Need explanation and some excel logic function examples

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Hi there,

I have been tinkering with Excel 2007 over the past couple days. I need Excel to perform some complex logical function with various data belonging to various customers of a retail store.

Can any one of you techies guide me and probably tutor me about the logical functions in Excel and perhaps provide some Excel logic function examples?

Thank you.


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Need explanation and some excel logic function examples




Below table shows Excels function and their use:

And – Return true if all the conditions are true.

IF – Specify logical Condition to execute.

Not – Reverse the Logic of the argument

OR – Returns true if any of the conditions is true.

Excel 2007 new

IFERROR Returns a predetermined value if the formula result in an error or returns the formula result.

IF syntax =IF (Argument, value if the argument value is true, if the argument is false) Example =IF (A1=7, 0, 10) that is if the cell A1 has the value as 7 then the result is 0 otherwise it is 10.



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