Need Computer Science Project Ideas For Assignment

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Hello, I’m a 2nd-year Computer science engineering student, and as you were already aware of this pandemic. Due to this, all the colleges and universities are closed as it affects my academics too as I started to forget whatever I learned.

Being at home all day I wan,t to start a project so that it will help my academics and also help me to grow my knowledge and learn new things. But in a dilemma to start with which Computer Science project idea? Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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Need Computer Science Project Ideas For Assignment


I hope you are in good health. It’s important to use the time also in a self-beneficial way. Computer science has undoubtedly been a dominating branch and will exponentially rise in the future. Holds an excellent platform to learn, experience, and master in coding and understanding the depth of the computer. From simple problems to dynamic applications, all involve a crucial role in the field provides good exposure to the student.

So, I am suggesting you some of the Computer Science Project Ideas which will recover your learning first and then you have a boost, you need to start a project. I hope you have already been through the basic learning recommendations which I am suggesting to you.

  • Python –  In the beginning, the best programming language to start with is “Python.” With python, we can develop some significant projects in a short time. It is very easier to learn.
  • Java –  This language is my favorite as I understood all the basics and commands in coding through C and Python. Java allows me to learn various programming concepts as it is a statically typed language.

With these two languages, you would become a seasoned programmer and start your projects. Now there are a hell of things to start with

  1. Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi.
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Distributed Computing
  4. Deep Learning
  5. Predictive Analytics

The above names are suggestions to learn after Python. Below are some skills you will learn with Java

  1. Android
  2. Git
  3. Unit testing
  4. Spring Framework
  5. DevOps
  6. Angular and React JS

I think these suggestions will help you out in searching for the perfect module profile for your future. These will surely help you out to focus on your area in which you will want to be a professional.

I am suggesting some of the projects which I too have worked on it and help me a lot to build my learning and carrier.

  • Voice-based technology for the blind.
  • Anti-collision system of vehicles.
  • Lie detector module.
  • Face and Irish scanning program for Card security.
  • Network security.
  • Interlinkage of Devices and Machines.

I hope this is enough for you. All the best.

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