Need to Bypass Starting Password Prompt in Mac Desktop

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I recently bought a PowerBook G4 which not completely brand new. I bought it from my cousin’s friend. The problem is I don’t want to enter any password every time I start the machine. Every time I start the machine it prompts a window to enter password. It is a bit annoying to me. I have searched for the option to disable it but remain unsuccessful. I am not really sure whether it is removable or not. Could it be removed? If you have the answer please send it to me as soon as possible. 

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Need to Bypass Starting Password Prompt in Mac Desktop


Hello Sampras,

The following are ways to disable the password of your Power Book:

  • Click Apple on the top left part of your Power Book.
  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Click it.
  • Go to Accounts under the System header.
  • Click on your master account.
  • Unlock it using your password in order to make changes.
  • Click Password button and go to the Change Password.
  • Enter your current password, and erase anything in the New Password box including the one below it.
  • Click Change Password at the box bottom.
  • A pop up saying you did not enter a password, will appear click OK Then restart machine.
  • And it should be done.

Alternatively if it doesn’t work follow following steps: 

  • At the chime, hold Command+S At the prompt, type fsck -fy and press Enter.
  • Wait for checks to complete before proceeding to next step.
  • Type mount -uw and Enter.
  • Type launchct lload/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ and press Enter.
  • Type ls /Users and Enter.
  • Where it will list all users of computer.
  • Type dscl. -passwd /Users/username password and replace “username” with one user displayed in the previous step.
  • Replace “password” with nothing Press Enter.
  • Type reboot and press Enter.

If it doesn’t work try the following restart your Mac:

  • At the chime hold Command+S Type sh /etc/rc and press Enter.
  • Type password username and replace “username” with shortened name of user account to reset the password. press
  • Enter two times.
  • Type reboot and enter.

If it doesn’t try to Restart your Mac at the chime hold Command+S for single-user mode.

  • At the prompt, type fsck -fy and Enter.
  • Wait for the checks to complete.
  • Type mount -uw / and press Enter.
  • Type rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone and press Enter.
  • Type shutdown -h now then Enter.

This makes you go through the initial setup as it tricks your operating system as if the computer has never been used. Then have an opportunity of avoiding password.

Hope this will help.


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Need to Bypass Starting Password Prompt in Mac Desktop



I surely will help you. To disable the password and log in automatically, go to System Preferences on the Dock. If you are running Mac OS X Leopard then select Accounts pane, which is in the first column and fifth row. Select your username and click on Login Options. Enable Automatic login there. Next time it will not ask you for a password.

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