Need brief information about Palm OS

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Are Palm OS and Garnet OS similar? Is it only mobile operating system? Which language is used to develop this? What is the latest version is released of Palm OS? What is Graffiti 2? Is there any Serial port/USB and WI-FI facility? Is there any bug to new released Palm OS version? Thank You

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Need brief information about Palm OS


Actually, both the Palm OS and Garnet OS mean the same.

Presently, it is used not only as a mobile operating system, but also in many other mobile devices like watches, mobile gaming consoles, barcode readers and Global Positioning Systems. 


The term "Graffiti 2" is used to identify its special input system with handwriting recognition feature.

Further, the latest version is the Palm OS 4.2.1 which supports all the Serial port/USBinfraredBluetooth and even the Wi-Fi connection.

Follow this link to download the latest Palm Desktop version.

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