Need an Advice to purchase laptop with best configuration

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Hi, I am looking to purchase a new laptop from Dell for my daughter, who is in school. Since I am not aware of technical specifications, I am getting confused with the specifications.

Let me explain you the exact application, on which the laptop is going to be used. As I said she may use for her school homework’s, browsing may be and surely for playing games. So please suggest me a suitable one for all this applications .

Would be very much thankful.

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Need an Advice to purchase laptop with best configuration


So your daughter is in need of a laptop immediately. Don't worry let me help you out, by specifying the configuration that would suite all of the above mentioned applications.

Since you have told that your planning to purchase a Dell Laptop, let me suggest you the best configuration.

  • All you need to purchase for a computer is the Processor and Random Access Memory for faster access.
  • Memory capacity to store data where the memory requirement depends upon your usage and data flow.
  • Video Graphics card to support games and lot of designing oriented stuffs.
  • WiFi, Wi Max and Bluetooth for your wireless Network application needs and for internet connectivity any where you go.
  • HD LED screen to explore the world of high definition pictures .
  • Webcam, Microphone, and all other things which may come as default. So considering all of this to your need may help you select the best laptop model.

Let me here provide you a sample configuration details for your reference.

  • Intel Core i5 or i7 Processors (of 2.53 GHz and above) with DDR3 SDRAM of capacity about 2GB minimum.
  • Hard Disk Space of Minimum 320GB.
  • Graphics card of minimum 1 GB.

Off course you also need a DVD Drive. I say the above mentioned configuration will be an updated one, for years and it suits all the applications. You may also prefer a 14 inch Display since 15’6 comes bigger in size and the 10 inch laptop only comes with mobile technology, since it may support minimum of your requirements.

So purchase a well designed and an attractive model laptop. Make sure you enable a parental control.

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Need an Advice to purchase laptop with best configuration


Thank you Jeffery.

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