Navigation Bar Failed on WebPlus X6

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I'm running Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11. I got an issue while working on site layout on launching site through WebPlus X6. The error stated, "A navigation bar failed to generate a preview". I already tried to reset the user settings, yet it still failed. I'm not sure but does it has something to do with the recent Java update? If so, what can you recommend to fix this?


A Navigation Bar failed to generate a preview.

Do you want to disable Navigation Bar previews?

(They can be reenabled in Tools -> Options -> Layout).

Yes      No

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Navigation Bar Failed on WebPlus X6


Maybe you have JavaScript navigation bars in your site, so when loading your site or browsing templates you have experienced this issue. It is a common issue since the release of Internet Explorer 11 that affects JavaScript navigation bars & image galleries in WebPlus X6 14.0.2 & WebPlus X7 15.0.0.

For WebPlus X7 users follow these process:

To fix this issue resolved in the 15.0.1 WebPlus X7 update and check that you are using latest update. You can download latest update from here and visit this site for more info. To check for updates

  •  In WebPlus>>open the “Help” menu>>Select “Check for updates”.

If you have installed the update and navigation bars are still not appearing, you need to enable “Preview JavaScript Navigation Bars”.

For WebPlus X6 users follow these steps to stop this message appearing:

  • Go to “Tool” menu and select “Option”.
  • Then Click on “User Interface” section on the left.
  • And then disable “Preview JavaScript Navigation Bars”.
  • Next click “OK”.


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