NASA’s X-48C hybrid wing-body plane

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NASA has planted a roving family on Mars' Surface and tested a ethane-fueled lander. After that NASA has squeezed in the first test flight of its X-48C hybrid wing-body plane. How is it different from the others?

Tell me in detail about it.

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NASA’s X-48C hybrid wing-body plane



NASA's X-48C the prototype of the all-new genre of planes

NASA X-48C is an example in the newest category of planes with a mixture of a wing-body flying machine.It is placed in the NASA Dryden Flight Research Centre located in California's Mojave Dessert and took its very first flight today.

According to NASA, this X-48C held their 1st flight. This plane will be more effective to use in the future on a long tow flight.


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NASA’s X-48C hybrid wing-body plane


Hello Malcom,

NASA has successfully squeezed in its first test flight for its X-$*C hybrid wing body aircraft. This is happening after it planted a rover on the surface of mar's as well as testing a fresh methane fueled lander.

The aircraft has got a design that incorporates the flying wing as well as the conventional planes, and it offers about 20 to 30 % fuel efficiency, as well as a ride that is quieter in the final form.

The completed model of the plane is projected to cover a range of 11000 nautical miles as well as a wingspan of 240 feet. It has a remotely piloted prototype that weighs about 500 pounds and it has got a wingspan of 20 feet. There is another version of the craft which has been estimated to be at least 4 years before it can be finished.



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