My webmail account is not receiving messages.Outlook OK.

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My ISP has a free email account that I'm currently using. At home I usually open my emails through Outlook Express. But when I’m in the office or out of town traveling I use my webmail account. I go to our webmail website and then log in with my username and password. Everything has been ok these past few days, when I got back home from a quick vacation I can’t see my emails on my webmail account anymore. I can log in and send messages from it but I can’t receive the emails if I open them at Outlook Express first. I open 2 computers at the same time, one for Outlook Express and one for the webmail. I used to do this since one PC is upstairs, but now it’s not working. HELP!!

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My webmail account is not receiving messages.Outlook OK.



Ok looks like your webmail is just doing fine since you can log in, therefore this is not a password issue. This is just a simple problem. Try to send yourself an email using your Outlook Express again then open it using the same email client. Check your webmail again. No messages are coming in after a minute or two again right? I'm sure you have tried powercyling your whole system. What happened here is that you were not able to leave messages on the server, by server, meaning your webmail account. So what we will do is we will try to edit or check your Outlook Express settings. Go ahead and open your Outlook Express, Please click on Tool then on Accounts, click on the Mail tab. Then highlight your email account then click on the Advance tab. You will see at the bottom of the pop-up box it will say Leave a copy of messages on the server, please click on the tick box, and make sure that you were able to check it.  Restart your 2 PC's after this, send yourself another email after this. You should be able to receive it on both webmail and email client. The option to Leave a copy of messages on the server is to leave a copy of your emails to your webmail account. If you can recall there were two other options there earlier, remove from server after a number of days or Remove from server after removing it from Deleted items,  whichever you choose just make sure you do it carefully since most ISP's don't have a copy of the email messages on their servers.

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My webmail account is not receiving messages.Outlook OK.


Hi there,

  • Here are the steps and resolution to this issue, webmail is not receiving but Outlook Express is OK.
  • The problem with setting up account in Outlook Express is that all messages will be downloaded in the mail client and saved it into your computer hard drive.
  • What needs to be done is to set a leave a copy of messages on webmail so it receive email for both Outlook Express and it has a copy of messages on webmail server.
  • Here are the steps needs to be done;

* Open Outlook Express
* Go to Tools, Accounts and mail tab
* Highlight your account name and click on the properties button
* Click on Advanced tab
* In Advanced tab in lower area, put a check on Leave a copy of messages on server
* You may select if you want to aut-delete messages after numbers of days and or delete the messages when you delete in your deleted items.
* You may either check 1 of both 2 boxes.

This should let you access your email both on Outlook Express and webmail.

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