My webcam is not producing audio feed

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I often chat with my husband using the windows live messenger, but every time we make use of the webcam, I seem to experience problems hearing his audio feed.

My audio device works fine, in fact I play music from my computer while chatting, and I can even hear every sound produced from my computer.

However, the problem is, I cannot hear anything from his webcam. 

I am not familiar with technical things like this, so if anybody would be willing to help, I will greatly appreciate.




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My webcam is not producing audio feed


Hi Kate,

Your computer could have a Codec error/missing.

To repair this you may have to reinstall your audio drivers.

The driver need is called Realtek HD Audio Codec.

Download the latest version and install it on your system.

It may bring up a window that suggests a fresh installation

or repair. First try the repair option and restart your computer.

If this doesn't work, go for new/fresh installation.

Kind regards


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My webcam is not producing audio feed


Hallo Kate,

Your computer seems to be working perfectly fine as I can see from the explanation above.

The webcam is in good order, and you have a perfect internet connection speed.

But the problem may be on your husband's side. May be he is having slow internet connection speeds, and I really suspect this is the main reason for the problem.

Other caused of the problem may be your husband's webcam has a sort of problem hence making it so slow, or the audio configuration of his laptop has some issues.

You can just find out by inquiring from him if the internet he is using is fast and also if he is able to hear you clearly using his webcam.


Mahesh Babu

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