My Thinkpad affected my viruses

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I have thinkpad x100e. It was infected by win32.mabezat.B virus and I have cleaned it. And now if I turn it on, there will be error message:

'ERROR 0210: Stuck key 1c, press f1 to setup.

I have reinstalled the windows, but it didn't fix the problem.


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My Thinkpad affected my viruses


Hello Gabmor.

The problem you describe is not related to any virus infection.

[ERROR 0210: Stuck key 1c, press f1 to setup] means exactly what it says – one of the keys is stuck.  Based on the error code, the key that is stuck is "1c".  Based on this keyboards scancode reference:, "1c" is the ENTER key.

Did you spill anything on your keyboard before this happened?  I suggest you try removing the ENTER key and cleaning the contacts.  Some cases of stuck keys can be as simple as dirt or a piece of lint or cotton stuck in the key slot.  If you spilled something on the keyboard then you should dry it out with a hair dryer.

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