Is my sound card dead?

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Three weeks ago when I last used my computer, the audio worked. Now it no longer works. It used to say “SB! Live wave device” when I make audio changes in Skype. I have updated Windows and also tried looking for it in the device manager, but it still doesn’t work. Do I need a new sound card?

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Is my sound card dead?

Did it have any errors in the Device Manager? If it did, try downloading updated drivers from the manufacturer’s website and have it updated. The driver may have just been corrupted.
  • If there were no problems in the Device Manager, try and check if your audio is Muted. Check that from the Volume Control.
  • If it’s not muted, check if your speakers are turned on.
  • If it’s turned on, make sure that it is properly connected to the audio port in your computer.
  • If it’s properly connected, check your speaker’s volume control, see if it’s not set to the lowest setting.
  • If all these don’t work and if your speakers work in another system, you need to replace your sound card.
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Is my sound card dead?


Hello Gemma,

The first thing you will have to do is ensure that the drivers you are trying to load are for Windows version that you are using and they are the latest version from a trusted website.

Otherwise I will suggest that you run dxdiag and upload, and in the window that opens try troubleshooting the sound driver problems from there. TO access dxdiag dialog, just go to start and then type run in the search and press enter, assuming that you are using windows 7. In the run dialog box type dxdiag and then click OK.


Lee Hung


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Is my sound card dead?


You don’t have to purchase a new sound card right away. You must try other solutions to it before spending your money. We don’t know, the software is the only thing to be fixed? Then, it’s just a waste of money if you’ll buy a new sound card.

Solution #1.

Try first to see if the volume controller is not muted. To access volume controller:

In XP, Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control.

In Vista and Windows 7, Start > ”type volume” > click Adjust System Volume.

Solution #2.

Open the “Audio Troubleshooter” by clicking Start > Control Panel >  in the search box, type “troubleshooter”, then click Troubleshooting. From the selection, click Hardware and Sound > Troubleshoot Audio Playback/Playing Audio. If an Administrator password is prompted or any confirmation, fill in password and supply confirmation.

To have a constructive outcome about having an updated troubleshooting service, secure an internet connection.

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Is my sound card dead?


First, go to your Control Panel to see if the sound card driver is installed. Launch the Device Manager and search for the sound card device. If there is a yellow question mark beside it, you will need to install the driver for it. Or since you updated your Windows, there is a chance that you installed a bad driver for the sound card. If this is the issue, double-click on the Sound Blaster Live on the Device Manager and under the Driver tab, click the Rollback Driver.  If you want to manually install the driver, go to Creative Labs website.

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