My Skype isn’t working correctly

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I use Skype to chat.

It was fine yesterday, but now i don't hear anything over headphones. I talk and the other person hears me through microphone, but i don't hear his voice.

I've checked everything (settings and etc.) still no improvement.

What do i do?

I use windows XP sp2 and broadband 1mb

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My Skype isn’t working correctly


Well let me tell you one thing its not a broadband problem because the other person is listening to you so your broadband is working properly the problem might be in your headphone try to use PC speakers if you can hear the voice then replace your headphone and if there is not voice in speaker also so it means you have a problem in your Skype software sometimes antivirus program can hold or effect on your programs. 

Might be your Skype program effect so its better first you scan your computer with an antivirus and then remove your Skype program and re-install it. It will work properly and your computer will also be safe from affection of virus attack.



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My Skype isn’t working correctly


Maybe it is the other way around. It is not your hardware that is giving you the problem, it is the microphone used by the other person you are talking to over Skype that is not working. Since you are not sure which hardware is not working, try playing some music with Windows Media Player and see if you can hear it over your headphones. If you can hear it, then it is fine but if not you need to replace it.

But if your headphones are working fine after playing some music ask the person whom you are talking to over Skype if his or her microphone is working since you don’t have any problems with both your headphones and microphone.

If both your hardware are working fine, then try uninstalling Skype from your computer and then run a disk check on your computer.

  1. Right click on drive C and then select Properties.
  2. Click Tools tab.
  3. Click Check Now button.
  4. Check Automatically fix file system errors and then click Start.

After the disk check install Skype again.

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