My Skype causes my internet connection to disconnect

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I've been using my Skype for a couple of years.

There are times when it requires me to update, so I will do an update. However, when I reformatted my PC from windows XP to windows Vista, I have installed a new Skype. Recently it required me to update so I updated it. However, when I logged in to Skype, it loads for a couple of minutes and disconnects my internet. So, I exited from Skype.

When the Skype stopped, my internet connection went back.

So because I'd like to solve my problem, I uninstalled my Skype, cleaned up my disk and reinstall my Skype again.

However, this didn't solve my problem.

Every time I log in to Skype it disconnects my internet.

What should I do?

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My Skype causes my internet connection to disconnect



You are having a problem with your firewall.  What you need to do is just to add the Skype to the programmes that are allowed.  This will give the programme the necessary permissions hence it will run well on your computer.

You can alternatively start your control panel on windows then go to administrative tools and check the event logs if there are any errors.

If you are using skype program version 4.0 you can uninstall and drop back to version 3.8.  It works better.

The Windows Vista company also regulates the software that can run on their platform and it has recently been discovered that the skype program is not well supported on this platform.  You can try running a different version of windows.

Hope this will help


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