My Printer is Not Working well

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Good day!

Im currently working on some Word Document the other day and when I was about to print my file, my printer wont print it eventhough there's still inks left. Because of this, I saved my file into a flash drive and asked my officemate to print it for me in the office. Afterwards, the file have been printed on the Office's printer.

Is there something wrong with my printer at home..?

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My Printer is Not Working well



If you have some problems with your printer, you might want to check the following:

  • Start with the hardware—does the printer make a machine-like noise while it’s printing or when it’s powered on? Does it take too long to power up?

  • Check if the cables are hooked up and not damaged or twisted. You might want to use cables in perfect condition to make sure printer connection is not compromised in some way.

  • Check the drivers. If you’re using Windows 7, Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound>View Devices and Printers> Printers>Right Click Properties and click on the Test Print option. If your page doesn’t print, then most likely the problem must be with the driver. You can also check if you’re using latest version, and if you think that you are using a damaged file – you can uninstall and reinstall the drivers

  • Check the print queue. Try to empty the print queue and stop all pending printing jobs on the spooler. Make sure your printer is set to default and that “work off-line” box is unchecked.

  • If a test page prints successfully but you still have problems with printing your file, try printing files using Notepad, WordPad and Paint. You might also want to try printing spreadsheets, if you get this to print successfully – then your problem might have something to do with software.

  • If you have done checking all the common causes and still won’t get your printer working well, You can call your printer company’s technical support(if available) or take it to a computer/printer repair shop for expert advice

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My Printer is Not Working well


There are several reasons why your print is not working properly but there are some few tips you need to remember about your printer.You need to check your cable if its properly plug and if your printer is correctly installed and connected to your computer.

You can do that by going to start menu then check in Printers and Faxes, if your computer detected the printer it should work without any problem, but you still need to check your settings, check for the availability of ink, and if your computer cannot detect your printer you need to go to ADD Hardware and then your computer will automatically search for it.

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