My printer keeps encountering error every time I print?

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I need my printer every day. that’s why I’m getting nerve every time I need to print my customers docs.

Because in the middle of its processing it keeps encounter an error.

I already followed its given tip like turning off and on but still not working properly.

An error shown below keep popping up whenever I print.

My printer is Canon MP250 series printer (3 in 1) (printer, scanner, photocopy machine)

Canon MP250 series Printer – USB001

Error Number – 5100

A printer error has occurred.

Turn the printer off and then on again.

If this doesn't clear the error, see the user's guide for more detail.

Cancel Printing

I need my printer ASAP, help me how to fix this printer.

Thank you,


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My printer keeps encountering error every time I print?


You must really expect that to happen since you are using a new version of Windows. Do not expect all programs to run smoothly on new versions of Operating Systems.

Windows 7 is only a new platform and other programs are still being improved to make it compatible with this version.

If you are having problems during printing sessions, why don’t you try uninstalling first the program of your printer then run a disk utility next to diagnose your drive for a file structure error.

Just use the Tools option found on the drive’s Properties. Or if you have a disk utility program, schedule a disk test for drive C. Then afterwards install the printer’s program again.

If the error is still there, check your printer:

  • Check if your printer is properly plugged in the AC outlet.
  • Check if it is turned ON.
  • Check the printer cable or the USB cable if it is attached to the computer properly.
  • Check the USB cable if it is really working. If you have another printer available, try the cable on that printer if it’s going to work.
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My printer keeps encountering error every time I print?


Hi there

  • This method is to reset your printer, this will also will help to get rid of your problem, do as follows,
  • Turn of the printer first.
  • After that Hold down the Resume button and press the Power button
  • Wait for the green light ( for the ON button )
  • Now press Stop/Reset button Two times, if you done it correctly you will see that the green light has blink off and orange alarm light blinked "on" your first press, green blink appear with the power button
  • And  then orange light goes after with your second press.
  • After all above finish you need to hold down your power button for about 5 seconds.
  • Let the printer turn off /power off  or shut down
  • When you switch on after the whole above whole process your printer is not reset to factory default status.  you can change the settings again as you want. in the end your trouble shouldn't be appeared.




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