My printer does not recognize the ink

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i bought, a  few months ago , ink for my prenter CANON PIXMA MP150 ,this ink is an ink similar to the canon specific inks, at first the printer work ed but after couple of weeks it did not recognize the ink any more.

who can help me please??

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My printer does not recognize the ink


solution 1#

It seems the chip contain in the cartridge has either gone fault or could no longer be reset. The job of the chip is to tell the printer that it is ok to print. There are some chips that only be reset with available procedures a few times. But most of the time refills are not successful in resetting that chip or may give you just another cartridge which is already refilled. It could just happen to have a bad chip. I suggest you to return the cartridge and try to get one which will work based on the condition that refilling is related to both ink and chip.


solution 2#

At first Power off your printer. Now put off the cartridge from the printer. Then unplug the power port. Again, plug in and switch on the printer. Do it for at least five times. Remember, all these steps are done without the cartridge. It will remove the memory of that installed cartridge. Now install that cartridge. Printer will recognize it as a new cartridge. This way you can solve this problem.

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My printer does not recognize the ink



If your CANON PIXMA MP150 printer works properly at the beginning, though you’re using different kind of ink but similar to other canon printer inks, then the problem is not with the ink itself but on the cartridge and the print head of your printer. The print head is what the cartridge sits in inside of the printer. To resolve this printing problem, do the following:

  1. Open the printer and take the ink cartridge out from the print head.
  2. Clean the cartridge nozzle and the print head by gently rubbing it with isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab or a towel
  3. Allow to cartridge and the print head to dry
  4. Once it dried, put back the cartridge on the print head and try to print something new

Often times, the printer cannot print because of dried ink that is stocked between the cartridge nozzle and the print head. Hope this would help.

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