My portable hard drive is not recognized

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My computer does not seem to recognize my portable hard drive whenever I try to launch it after I turn on my computer. Puzzlingly, it operates fine if I attach the device before I turn on the computer.

I would like to ask if there are issues on brand compatibility  if used on certain versions of a Windows operating system? 

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My portable hard drive is not recognized



Here some things are trying. If you have access to a PC or portable secondary, try to connect the unit (unity) to her (it) by means of a cable different USB.

Also try to disconnect the unit (unity) of the capture of current during a few seconds and then to connect it again. If its that is still not recognized.

Maxtor has a free utility called PowerMax who allows him to execute several tests in the unit(unity) until it identifies the problem.

Good luck


Karen shines

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My portable hard drive is not recognized


Portable hard drives and other devices are most commonly to face power issues. Since you have not mentioned the System you are using, I believe its a laptop. That's where you need such devices more.

Mostly our laptops are set to powersaving mode which are not adjusted automatically once you plug in a device which uses the power through USB. This could produce power surge on USB port.

A power surge interrupt the specific drivers to boot the disc and prepare for usage on the system. If you are using the laptop use the following steps 

1. Open control panel

2. Open power options tab

3. Adjust to power options to use Laptop power options scenario.

4. Click save

5. Plug in your hard portable hard disc.

Hope this will solve the problem

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My portable hard drive is not recognized


Hello EWoods

Hey i would suggest you to check whether the cables connecting your portable hard drive and the system are okay or not because this is the main reason of detecting a portable hard disk or not several times.

So do ensure that the portable hard drive is properly connected or not.This should help but if does not then just reinstall the motherboard drivers again,restart your system and you would be able to use the portable hard disk regardless of the fact whether you have connected it earlier before booting up or after booting up the Windows.

But if the cables connecting the hard disk have a problem then you might have to replace them.Hope this would help.

thank you


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