My PDF file change file extension?

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I have a PDF file needed to open and to print. I downloaded it from my email.

So When I have it the Icon shows like this  

So I intended to open in adobe reader, when I tried to open the file it goes like this.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader could not open 'WISE App Form Fillable(2)PRN' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded).

Its supposed to be open in PDF form, but it can’t. And also I noticed that the file extension is no longer PDF its already PRN.

I don’t know about this PRN all I know is my file Is in PDF form. And it should not be like this.

What happen to my PDF file I could not open..

Hope you guys help me bout this.

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My PDF file change file extension?



This is normal problem which most of the people may face. But sometimes it doesn’t indicate anything to you. You may have work with these type of files before without knowing that.

To fix this problem just try to rename your file extension as .pdf.

If that is not working you have another option. First go to your print settings and make sure that Print file option is available.

And after that download the program i have given in the Link.

There you can open the prn file and print.

Or else you can copy the files to the program and print the file you want.

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My PDF file change file extension?


A .prn file extension allows you to use ‘print to file’ option. it is Windows file format.

If your printer is a PostScript printer than you can convert your PRN file to PDF file format, by renaming it as a file of the PS extension, and than PS 2 PDF by using ghostscript. which is a converter Requires to change PS to PDF

First rename your file from WISE App Form Fillable (2).prn to WISE App Form Fillable (2).ps

Than install ghost script and change ps to pdf.

Or you can also use cute PDF software for converting your document from prn to PDF.

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