My PC wont start since power shortage

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My PC won't start up since there was a power shortage on our place. What components are being infected with that shortage. I didn't seen a smoke from the CPU during that time.

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My PC wont start since power shortage


Hello George,

Do you mean your PC was affected by power and right now it cannot start or the computer won't be able to start because it is not connected to power?

If starting having problems due to power effects, then it is possible that the following might have happened:

  • You might have left the computer connected to power, and when the power went off and then back on it might have come with very many voltages that led to the destruction of the motherboard. If that is the case you will need to replace the motherboard, or repair it.
  • If the computer cannot start because it is not connected to power then its battery might have a very low battery life, and therefore it cannot save enough charge to power up the computer. You will need to replace the battery if that is the case.



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My PC wont start since power shortage


Greetings George,

There might be problem with Motherboard, or with Power Supply or with RAM.

Give power to your system and press the power button of System Unit. If you hear some beep and red light of power button of system unit. Then surely it means that there is problem with system’s RAM. You need to replace your system’s RAM.

Another problem can be due to power supply. You need to check that whether your power supply is providing electricity supply to your system or not.

You need to troubleshoot it. Open the cover of your system unit and plug the power cable into power supply and press the power button of system unit. If the power supply is fine then you must be seeing some light bulb is ON on motherboard.

Or you can see that the fan of processor is running or not. If not, then you need to change your system’s power supply as it is not providing electricity to motherboard. If yes then final answer is that the problem is in motherboard.

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My PC wont start since power shortage


Hi George, Usually the power shortage problem can damage so many things of a computer that is why most of time users are recommended to use their computer through a regulator or stabilizer.

Whatever your problem of not running the computer is surely the power supply problem. If you want you can check the others but I have a long experience of getting damaged power supply because of unstable power situation.

Now check the power supply first. Disconnect the power cable lines from motherboard. Look carefuly the wires in that batch. You will get a green wire in that and few black wires.

Now using any conduction wire connect the green wire with any black wire, connect the power line if the fan of the power box run than it is fine if it does not run than the box is damaged. I am pretty sure the fan would not run. After that you can check the RAM, motherboard, processor and other devices.

Thank you, Riley Weaver.

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