My PC Reboots while playing Crysis 2?

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First of all let me start by saying that this problems only seems to happen in Crysis 2 now. I started having random reboots a few weeks back when playing Mafia 2 but i fixed it by underclocking my GPU because it seems it was overheating.

My PC specs:

Motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro
CPU: P Q9550
RAM: 2x 2GB DDR2 800MHz – Working in Dual Channel
GPU: XFX GTX260 Black Edition
PSU: 580W Eurotech Silent Pro (PSPA580PSA)


Windows 7 Professional SP1 – Fresh install
GPU drivers up to date from Nvidia website

Heat: CPU goes as high as 78ºC in one of the cores, and 64ºC overall. The GPU goes as high as 70ºC.

thank you in advance for your time. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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My PC Reboots while playing Crysis 2?


Hello Jenjen86,

 Seems you have said that this only happening when the time you are playing that Crysis 2? You have also a good specification of PC which is the minimum requirements of the game. Always check if you are playing too long and your CPU is heating and the fan isn't working perfectly try to double check them.

Normally computer restarts if there is a virus or you are running a problem with the OS. A slight problem from your CPU might the reason just be sure you have a fan running good or place a fan facing the CPU. Sometimes it does auto restart of a specific game if the game system requirements don't meet with the game and it crashes normally.

Otherwise if its already been a problem try to reinstall your Crysis 2 and patch it properly.

Thank you,


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My PC Reboots while playing Crysis 2?


Hello Jenjen,

The problem of your system automatically starting when playing crisis 2 game on your computer is possibly due to overheating. Gaming is one process that consumes a lot of power and memory and therefore causing the computer to overheat. Restarting is a mechanism that the computer adopts so as to cool the CPU down from the excessive heat.

Since you have already done CPU clocking, I will advice that you check the status of your fan. It should be having problems hence not cooling the system as needed. You will need to replace it if it is faulty so that during the act of playing the game the CPU is cooled down when it overheats so that it does not restart.


Mahesh Babu

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