My PC could not connect to the Internet.

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Hello friends,

Please help me. My PC can't connect to the internet, even though I put the cables in the port of the hub and PC properly.

What I am going to do? Is the hub broken and will have to replace with a new one?

Or the Internet Service Provider has a problem?

But the PC on my brother's room has an internet and doing well. 


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My PC could not connect to the Internet.



The problem you had has a lot of solutions. But first we should identify what the real problem. Heres the first thing you will do to identify the problem. You stated that the internet connection with your brother pc is working well. Is the pc of your brother connected also in the same hub you connect your pc? If it is then there is no problem with the internet service provider.

First check your IP address maybe it is set to manual, change it with obtain IP address then restart your pc. After you restarted it and cant connect again. Maybe the internet connection you have is shared. Check your default gateway if it is same with your brothers default gateway.

If it cant connect again then there nothing wrong with your pc. Is the cable you bought is the proper cable to use?

There a 2 types of cables straight-trough cables and a cross over cable. Check your cable if it is straight through because you will connect your pc to the hub.

Then it requires a straight through cable.

Hope these help you.

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My PC could not connect to the Internet.


Share a connection to the Internet via local area network (LAN)
Now a day, routers have ports LAN (Local Area Network) apart from port WAN (wide area network). LAN ports are used to interconnect the local computer at home or small office. WAN Ports usually of networks outside of your local network is your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

You can share Internet connection using the router installed. The router has the ability to share networks through the LAN, as well as in their WiFi networks. Networks in this type of exchange have been configured on the Router. The router has its built-in software that allows the internet connection sharing through their local area networks. The router will be configured as Internet server inside your network. Also was configured as a DHCP server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). DHCP Server is that you will be assigned the IP address (Internet Protocol) to customers connected to the network. If the DHCP service is disabled within the network, clients connected to the router will not receive or not connect or surf on the internet unless the IP address of the local computer was configured in the range of IP address of the router.

How do I connect the cable to the Router
Network Cable or outer from your ISP Broadband Router will be connected to the WAN port of the Router. Client computers connect to the LAN port of the router. Make sure the IP settings of your customer's computer are set to obtain an IP address automatically. Establish follow the next step.
1. Click Start Control Panel click.
2. Click Network and Internet connections.
3. Click Network Connections.
4. In the Local area connection, right-click and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
5 Connection Properties local area appears.
6. In the General tab select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in the list and click Properties.
7. Displays the properties dialog box for Internet Protocol).
8. On the General tab, click the option Automatically obtain an IP address and click Ok.
9. Click OK once more to local area connection properties.
To configure your device to your router, refer to the manual of your router. Routers are differences in the configuration.

To share its Internet connection across (through) ICS (connection shared with Internet)

  1. Click in initiating the Control panel.
  2. Network and Internet connection.
  3. Click on Set up or to change its domestic network or of small offices.
  4. Network assistant appears, click on following.
  5. The assistant will show the list of crosscheck for the creation of the network, click on following.
  6. Select the connection method, 'this team (equipment) gets connected straight to the Internet. Other teams (equipment's) of my network get connected to the Internet across (through) this team (equipment).
  7. Select the Internet connection. Select the adapter or the modem that gets connected to the Internet.
  8. Filled that presents the fields with what the Assistant waits on you. You can put what you want only you have to continue (follow) the pattern. Click on following.
  9. Name of the network. The name of group of predetermined work is MS HOME, to change this if you want and make sure that client will use this name of network in its group of work of teams (equipment's). Click on following.
  10. Files and printers shared. Select if he (she) wants to share files and printers, or you can deactivate to share printers and files. Click on following.
  11. Click on following once again.
  12. Select only to finish the Assistant clicks in following.
  13. Click in Finishing.

Internet connection is connected straight to the ICS servant. ICS servant has 2 cards of the adapter of LAN. An adapter is connected to the Switch/Hub where the clients get connected too much.

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My PC could not connect to the Internet.


Hello Lilmonstha69,

Sometimes such kind of problems occurred especially when you install fresh operating system. This problem is caused for many reasons. To avoid this problem you need to identify the real problems.

It can be for internet service provider problems or your pc LAN card problem if ISP is ok then set your IP address manually and then restart your computer if not ok then check your LAN card.

Thanks and Regards


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