My Modem does not work now.

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I am using a mobile set (Acatel) as a Modem. But it is not working now. When I Plug in my device, there is a message in the screen. It says that your USB device is nor recognized by Windows.

I reinstalled the software provided by the company. Still it is not working. What Can I do?

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My Modem does not work now.


Mahbub Hasan,

This is a usual problem faced by people. There are some solutions for it. If the solutions given by me does not work, I thing you might have to consult with your provider.

1. If your desktop or laptop is connected with too many USB device this problem may arise. So, before using it make sure you have unplugged other USB devices.

2. Sometimes its the antivirus which obstruct this functioning. You can try this way. You should uninstall your antivirus to make it functionable. Then you can install the antivirus again.

3. Just check that your provider company has your place under their coverage.

4. Sometimes, the software become malfunctioning. In this case you have to contact with your provider.

5. Check that your modem is ok.

6. Sometimes, its the port you are using. Try different USB port.

 7. Its not unusual to have problems in your laptop or desktop. So, check this out too.

Thank you for your question.

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My Modem does not work now.


Dear Mahbub Hassan,

Regarding with your problem I think you are using a USB modem, or the USB broadband, in that case, if you install it all by yourself, there will be a great possibility that it will not be installed successfully.

Before, I used the same modem, and just like you, I install it on my own, because i thought, it will be okay to install the device even without a help, but when the same problem occur, I never fix the problem.

So what I did, I bring my USB modem, in the store where I brought it, then I ask them why is it the device is not working, then they get the modem, try it, and they found out that the modem has a defect, so they replace the modem and they install it first to my laptop so that I will not be face that trouble again. Being wise is the best key to solve this problem.

Hope this will help.

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