My message filters behaving wrong in Thunderbird 10

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After I made a new message filter yesterday, to send all emails from my friends to Friends folder, I noticed that all my mail is being copied to that folder. I haven't edited all of my other filters and when I check them, they are ok. Any hint on why this is happening?

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My message filters behaving wrong in Thunderbird 10


Hello There!


Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the filter settings in Thunderbird 10 🙁 

Good work on checking all the other filters.. That makes it easier for us to find the root cause of the problem. 


We have two options: short route and the long route 


Short Route Solution: 

Delete the newly create message filter and create another one (keeping in mind the filters you set) . 


If this does not fix the problem, then we need to opt for the:


Long Route Solution: 

Open Mozilla Thunderbird 10

Go to tools>message filters>

Click on the filter log button (located on the upper right hand corner of the newly opened window)

Check the "Enable the filter log" box & hit OK


Go to tools> message filters> when you get an email that isn't supposed to be in the Friends folder. 

You will see on the log file what "triggered" it to happen (This may seem tedious but please bear with it 🙂 ). 


Once you see what "triggers" the mails to jump in the folder, simply change/remove that part in the filter settings & you'll be well on your way 🙂


*Note: Mozilla Thunderbird's rule system is very customizable as it even acknowledges " " (a space) as a rule.*


Good luck!

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