My Laptop Will Not Boot

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The other day my laptop Asus Q550LF would not boot. First night after I got from work, it did boot for a few minutes then shut down. I waited for a minute or so then turned it back on and it worked just fine without any incident for that night. The next day after work, I tried to put it on and t won’t boot at all. Upon pressing the power button, the front lights turn on, I hear the hard drive click a few times then all the lights turn off on the front, and laptop stops everything. This whole process takes about 3 seconds from the power button push to the crash and the screen doesn’t power at any point. My hard drive is good but I suspect the motherboard might be at fault although I would like to be sure about it before buying another one. I would be happy to hear your advice, thank you for your time.

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My Laptop Will Not Boot


Your laptop may not boot if there is a failure in a part of the hardware. If still your laptop doesn’t boot, try a Hard reset, which brings back your laptop to factory settings or flea power method.

Another method you could follow is removing and reinstalling your laptop memory modules.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, then it’s likely that your motherboard has worn out.

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My Laptop Will Not Boot


For your information, motherboards don’t get broken that easily. Your Ethernet card, sound card, video card, RAM, and other expansion cards may get broken but not your motherboard. If you hear your laptop’s hard drive click a few times then you cannot say the drive is still good when it is not.

When you hear a click from a hard drive, it is a sign of an impending problem with the drive’s physical state. When a drive clicks, it’s like the system encountered a bump in the surface of the drive. As the hard drive spins, there is a continuous flow of data between the storage device and the computer.

When the read-write head of the hard drive encounters a broken sector where data is unreadable, it will have something like a sudden stop in the reading of data. The computer will try a few times to keep on reading the damaged sector that’s why you hear clicks on the drive.

While it keeps on trying reading the damaged sector, you will notice your desktop will stop functioning a few times like you cannot move your mouse pointer. Since it is a laptop, might as well bring it to the nearest computer shop to have it checked by a qualified technician.

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