My laptop shows black screen while running

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My Toshiba laptop has a problem whenever it goes to sleep mode. When I wake it, it doesn’t display anything but I can tell it is running in the background. It produces sound such as antivirus updates etc. Even after forcing it to shut down by pressing power button it will restart in same condition and I may not be able to use it for a number of hours. Then it comes back to normal by itself. Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be?

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My laptop shows black screen while running


    This is indeed an interesting situation,

The problem is caused because your PC automatically goes into a state of hibernation and once hibernated it does not recover to the normal state and after restarting it still wakes up in the hibernated state.

The simplest solution will be,
1. Once it goes to hibernation, Forcefully restart it.
2. If it wakes up in hibernated state, Again forcefully restart it.
3. The third time it will restart in a usual way.

This is a very interesting situation and being a software engineer I am still trying to understand the real cause of it but so far I am unable to understand the cause.
Still two forceful restarts will make it normal.

If the problem remains, then please ask again and I'll work on it and will get the exact solution but for now just do it the easy way.

Hope you got your answer! 🙂

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