HP Laptop displays Blurry and stretched out screen

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I'm having a weird problem with my HP laptop. I turn it off normally before I go out, but when I turn it on, it displays blurry and stretched out. It all started when I installed Yahoo Messenger 11 and if I uninstall it, everything is fine. I don't know if it's really because of the Yahoo Messenger. My friend advised me to do a system restore but I don't see any restore point.

I already tried fussing with the resolution. When I edit the resolution, the screen either extends off my monitor so that I can only see the top left half of the screen and the Start Menu is some two inches below the edge of my monitor. When I make the resolution smaller than it does not fill up my entire monitor.
What else can I do?
Please Help!
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HP Laptop displays Blurry and stretched out screen

Hello Tracy!
Let’s see if I understand the problem correctly. Your screen stretches when Yahoo Messenger is ON but this doesn’t happen when it is OFF. Since installing Yahoo Messenger automatically sets itself to start up when your computer is turned on. The only way you have to find to stop this is to uninstall Yahoo Messenger.
You are not alone with this problem, this has happened to a lot of people (including myself), System restore won’t do any good in this situation because the problem is pretty obvious but just in case, let’s take some cautionary steps to be sure.
Here are some solutions to your current problem.
  1. Scan your computer for any viruses, there is a small chance that there is a virus that attacks Yahoo messenger specifically. Any anti-virus program will do. Do this while Yahoo messenger is installed to be sure that the virus or Trojan is active while doing the scan so it will be detected by the anti-virus program you are running.
  2. Do you have a Webcam installed? If so, shut down your computer and disconnect your Webcam. Start up your computer again and wait for Yahoo messenger to start up and see if anything will happen. Some Webcams may affect Yahoo messenger, if this is the problem, try a different Webcam and see if the resolution stays the same.
  3. If no change has happened, there may be compatibility issues with Yahoo messenger 11 and your computer’s operating system. Try installing previous versions such as Yahoo messenger 10 and see if this works for you.
  4. Depending on your monitor settings or video card installed. There is an option that lets you auto-adjust your screen resolution for any program that runs. This is well known for games online and offline. If you do not have these types of settings you can skip this step.
  5. Find for the Yahoo messenger exe. You can do this by right clicking on your Yahoo messenger shortcut on your desktop and clicking on “Find Target”. It will bring you to the folder it is in and would already be highlighted. Right click on it and click on “Compatibility”. Uncheck “Run in 640×480 resolution”. Click OK. Restart your computer and try signing in if the problem still occurs.
  6. Try putting a check on “Run this program in compatibility mode. Choose Windows XP and see if there are improvements. If there is no change, uncheck it again to return it to what it was before proceeding to the next step.
  7. If that doesn’t work go back and to the “Compatibility” options and uncheck everything that you can put a check on and just be sure that Yahoo messenger won’t run in any compatibility option.
One of these solutions is bound to work. If you still encounter a problem with your screen resolution, post here if you have tried all these solutions, especially solution number 7 (this one solved my problem).
I hope you get to use your Yahoo Messenger now. Good Luck!
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HP Laptop displays Blurry and stretched out screen


You need to install the latest version of the Yahoo Messenger software in your computer. Make sure you get it from the Yahoo website and not use an older copy that you may have in your computer. Also make sure that your graphics processing unit drivers is installed.

You can either get it from the computer manufacturer's website or from the graphics processing unit's website if you have a discrete graphics card. As long as these are taken cared for you should have any resolution problem with the computer.
It may have just been caused by incompatibility or the needs to update drivers.

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