My Keyboard is Writing Backward.

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I just had a strange problem with my desktop computer keyboard. Actually my little brother was using it today & I don't know what he did & now the Keyboard is Writing Backward. I also can't understand the cursor which goes to the left, while writing.

If I write Man, it is written as, "naM".

I've scanned my whole computer, to check if there as any virus attack, but its all clean.

Pls help me with this. Its URGENT. Thanks.

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My Keyboard is Writing Backward.


Hi John28,

That is a entertaining issue, what you think? Jokes apart.

This problem may be an issue with your language option, to solve this go to control panel, then go to regional language tab. See if the language is set to English only because if some other language is set there like Arabic your OS will do so. May be this is the solution to get rid off.

If that do not help you try to go to your java console screen & try to dumb everything from there & reload proxy. It will definitely fixed it. This may be occured if your brother try to use some photo upload application from Facebook, there is some issues associated with it.

Hope you can resolve your issues.

Thank you


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