My iTunes is saying its expired

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I installed latest iTunes software from Apple Apps Store two weeks ago and now my iTunes is saying its expired.

What would be the issue.

The message I am getting is shown in the figure below.

This copy of iTunes will expire in 73 hours.

Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

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My iTunes is saying its expired


Hello Tahirmirza,

This is a common problem when installing the beta version of iTunes. Beta version of iTunes is usually used by app developers to test newer released Apple devices for compatibility. The solution is to install the latest version of iTunes. You can click Apple iTunes Download iTunes Now.

Its better to uninstall the old version of iTunes before installing or downloading the new one, by clicking the start button on your desktop. Then hit the programs, look for iTunes logo and right click and uninstall.

Go to the installation process and the first time you launch iTunes, you'll see a different message, one requiring you to agree to the iTunes license terms. Click on "Agree". All your files (music, app purchases) would be encrypted as previously, so don't worry.


Now take a breath and Relax.

Hope this will fix your problem.

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My iTunes is saying its expired


Hi Tahirmirza,

You are getting this message because you have downloaded the testing version of iTunes. Since it is being tested, it being on your machine would somewhat be like a trial version. It is actually a trial version. As you may be aware, trial versions always come with some expiry date like in this case.

I would suggest though, that you visit iTunes website and begin downloading the original version. You probably have files in your media but they will not be lost when the original is downloaded. Instead, it will be like updating your software; hence, nothing will be lost.

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My iTunes is saying its expired


Dear Tahirmirza


  • If the message says that iTunes has expired, try the below link and download the latest version of iTunes through the Apple web site.
  • This might occur if you have installed the iTunes beta version. Beta version is an application which is given to customers by the developers, to test the application among the users. Once it is completed, developers will remove the version and you have to get the actual version and install it. You don’t have to delete the beta version to install the new version but check whether it is only running the latest version & not the beta version.
  • You can download iTunes from here.

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