Error 13010: My iPod cannot be synced

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Hi to all music lovers in Techyv, I have a problem with my ITunes application, my iPod won't sync with ITunes.   An error message will be displayed every time I try to sync.  Please refer below the screen shot I pasted.

The iPod “Jumal’s iPod” cannot be synced. An unknown error

occurred (13010).

What I did first, after I got the error message is, to restart my computer to get a fresh start.  When I tried to sync again my IPod with ITunes, same error occurred.  I even borrowed another cable to isolate the problem, but same error occurred.

I already ran out of ideas to isolate the problem.

 Please do some comment on my issue,


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Error 13010: My iPod cannot be synced


Hi there, deleting "iTunes Library Genius.itdb" solved the problem.

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Error 13010: My iPod cannot be synced


This issue usually happens to the newly updated ITunes. There are a number of possible ways to fix this issue, these are:

  • You have to reinstall your ITunes. First, you have to completely uninstall/remove your ITunes from your computer, and then reinstall it afterwards.
  • Remove/uninstall back-up or anti-virus software. After you have uninstalled this software, try to sync you IPod with ITunes.
  • Sometimes, disabling, turning off or disconnecting of network connections (such as Ethernet Cables) will fix this problem.
  • Try to connect the USB cable for IPod to a different USB port. 
  • Instead of updating your ITunes, try clicking "restore" and then re-sync your IPod.
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Error 13010: My iPod cannot be synced


Hello James,

The following are the workarounds that you should give a shot and see if they will help.

  • First, you will need to try restarting the iPod.
  • If that does not resolve the issue, you will need to try restoring the iPod.
  • Still having issues? Then try unplugging the iPod and after that plug it back in.
  • Also try restarting iTunes.

Other workarounds you should give a try include the following:

  • Deleting the "iTunes Library Genius.itdb".
  • In case the above does not work, you can go ahead and try uninstalling iTunes, and then reinstall it and try resyncing after that.




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