My iPhone has a very low battery life.

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I bought an IPhone from a friend of mine, who frequently complained that the IPhone had a very low battery life. I bought it from him because I wanted an IPhone so badly, that it would be okay for me to spend money on fixing the battery life.

I tried switching off all unnecessary applications and notifications (like GPS, etc), but still my IPhone lasts for only 4 hours of continuous usage. Added to the fact that there is no authorized Apple store in our city, which means that I cannot find professional consultation for my problem.

What should I do?


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My iPhone has a very low battery life.


iPhones are notorious for having short battery life because of so many applications you are using. Here I can give you tips and some Do's and Don'ts' and some instructions on how to take care of your battery. Also I will help you to get a solution to your problem.

iPhone Batteries have finite life spans. Apple says that an iPhone has 300 – 400 Cycles, before the iPhone's performance will start to decline. iPhone batteries have limited cycles or what charge and discharged cycle. First may I ask what model of iPhone this  is?

  • iPhone 2g – has the poorest battery life.
  • iPhone 3g – this new model has more battery life than the previous model.
  • iPhone 3gs – better battery life than 3g.
  • iPhone 4g – has the highest amount of battery stored in the models of iPhones.

Your battery might be exhausted or is at the limit, because it only holds the iPhone for just 4 hours. Normally an iPhone will be used for 1 day or more, if no WiFi,games, music, is used.


Apple offers replacing the battery, of your iPhone but it's a little more expensive. The service costs $79 plus $6.95 for shipping, to replace the battery on an out-of-warranty iPhone and they say, it will take three business days.


You can order a Replacement Battery for iPhone Online, Example of this is Only Use this procedure, at your own risk or you may ask someone with experience, opening an iPhone already. First, you must have the complete kit, this is also available in the online market.

Replacing iPhone Batteries can be quite difficult for beginners. To replace the battery of your iPhone, you will need the two screw drivers. One with the Cross head and the second one is the flat head screw driver. Remove your sim card first; be sure to remove this, to avoid damage to your phone. When removing the back cover, you will need some force and bending to the case to work, if you have removed the back cover.

At the base of your phone you can see the Charger Socket with two screws in it. Use your screw drivers, to unscrew them. Once done, get your flat screw driver and begin to pop out the back from the place, where you removed the pins. Your case might be damaged this is unavoidable, try to lift the back and slide forward to release the case. Inside you will see a ribbon cable connecting the case to the system board, the ribbon can be unplugged from it and plugged back when you replace the battery.

With the case off, remove the iPhone Battery, use your flat screw driver to free the battery from its place but be very careful not to put any force on the wires, connecting the battery to the board. Remove the glue that is on the wire from the connectors. You will need a soldering iron, to heat up the solder before lifting the wires from their connectors.

Remove the wires, one at a time starting with the right hand side. New battery will come with 3 little wires and one wire will be covered in a protective sleeve. Once you connected the new wires, and replaced the battery, your iPhone will turn on automatically. If it doesn't, hold down the home button and the power button at the same time. Proper ways to lessen the consumption of your iPhone battery:

  • Turn on auto brightness.
  • Reduce your Screen Brightness.
  • If not in use turn the Bluetooth off.
  • Turn off 3g if not in use.
  • Turn off WiFi if not in use.
  • Turn off location services if not in use.
  • Turn Data Push Off.
  • Turn Off Equalizer.
  • Auto Lock sooner.

I hope I have been of some help. Cheers!

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My iPhone has a very low battery life.

  • Make sure that you are charging the battery by using a standard charger.
  • This kind of situation can happen due to a short circuit. If there is any short circuit in the iPhone circuit, your battery will be discharged in a short period of time. Go to a technician and check the IPhone. 

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