My HDD Sometimes Can’t Read My Files

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My external hard disk drive didn't function correctly. It can't read some of my files on another computer while on my computer it is working. There are some times that I format the hard drive, but after I'm putting some files is it does the same thing again. How could I fix this problem?

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My HDD Sometimes Can’t Read My Files


That is very unusual. Normally, when you format a hard drive it is now able to store different files. But in your case, the files start to become unreadable after a while of storing them to your external hard drive. When you format a hard drive, the process prepares the device for storing data allowing the computer to read and write to the device.

In an unformatted hard drive, it is also possible to store files and you can even read and write to the device. The only problem is, with an unformatted hard drive, your files are unstable and have a high risk for data corruption. When a data is corrupted, you will not be able to access or read it from the drive and the information it contains is damaged.

That’s why formatting is very important in a hard drive. In your case, since you are using an external hard drive, the capacity is much bigger than with ordinary IDE drives. It is very important to partition your hard drive so you can divide the free spaces of the device or create a reserved space.

Also, when formatting, make sure you format it using either FAT32 or NTFS file system. You can still use the FAT file system but it will be inefficient with the kind of operating systems we use nowadays.

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