My Google Chrome’s bookmark bar is missing

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Hey there!

My name is Neil and I got a problem with my Google Chrome. I am used to having my Google Chrome with the bookmark placed just below my address bar. For some reasons, I just found out that I cannot see my bookmark setting on my tabs. I can only see it when I open another tab.  When the page is fully loaded, it will once again disappear.

Who can help me have my bookmark bar always visible?


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My Google Chrome’s bookmark bar is missing


Hello Neil!

I am also using Google Chrome. I would just like to tell you that I like this browser because it's fast and has a very simple interface. I encountered the same problem earlier and I'd like to share it with you.

  • Do you see the "wrench" icon at the top right corner of your Google Chrome? Just click on it.
  • It will show another menu. Just go down and click on "Tools" then it will open up another window. You will see there the option "Always show bookmarks bar." Make sure that there is a check on this.

Export and Import Bookmarks

I would also suggest that you export your bookmarks to a folder and save it–just in case you need to recover it later on. This is also useful if you need to open the bookmarks on another browser. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click on the "wrench" icon.
  2. Choose Bookmarks manager.
  3. It will open up another tab, which is the bookmarks manager. 
  4. Click on the Organize button at the upper left side. 
  5. It will show you a menu and you just need to find and choose Export.
  6. It will prompt you where to save your bookmarks. Just choose the folder, rename the file to Chrome Bookmarks, if you wish. 
  7. You now have a back-up of your bookmarks. 

I hope that these information will be very useful to you!

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My Google Chrome’s bookmark bar is missing



You need to create bookmarks. Here is how to do it in Google chrome for Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome operating Systems.
You shall be able to visit your favorite web sites in a single click by bookmarking them. To create a bookmark, just click the star icon located in the address bar and the page you are visiting right now will be bookmarked. All the bookmarks are placed in the bookmark bar which can be found at the top of your browser window. To visit the web page again, click on the bookmark of that page. 
How to customize the bookmark settings:
While creating a bookmark, a mini window (a dialog box) will appear after you click the star icon of your browser. Its purpose is to confirm the addition you are going to make. You can customize your bookmark in this dialog box.
Follow below procedure to do this:
1. Enter your preferred name for the bookmark in the Name field.
2. Your bookmark will be placed in the “Recently used bookmarks” folder. If you want, you can change the destination folder by using the “Folder” menu. But you can place one bookmark in only one folder.
3. If you accidentally created a bookmark, of if you want to remove a bookmark, click “Remove” to delete the bookmark.
4. If you want to change the path of the bookmark (the URL), click “Edit”. If you don’t, then click Close and your bookmark will be added.
Alternate Way:
• Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL+D for Windows and Chrome, ⌘-D for Mac OS.
• Importing Bookmarks: Export bookmarks as HTML file from other browsers. Then use the Import function of Chrome to bring them in.
• Manual addition: Bring your mouse over Bookmark bar and right click on it (for Mac OS, Control+Click). Then select “Add Page”
• Addition by Dragging: to create a bookmark of a link from the page you are on now, just drag that link to the bookmarks bar
• Dragging the icon: You can also create a bookmark of your current page by dragging the icon next to the address bar
Another Alternative:
On the right side of your address bar, you will see a wrench icon. Click on it. Then click on “Tools”. When the next menu pops up, click on “Always show bookmarks bar” and you will get the bookmarks bar in your browser.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+B


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My Google Chrome’s bookmark bar is missing

I just want to help you regarding your posted question. Please follow instructions below:
  1. Click Wrench icon on the upper right of your screen
  2. Select "Tools"
  3. Then click "Always show bookmark bar"
  4. Then it's okay. 
If you want to customize your bookmarks. These are the instructions:
  1. Change "Name" field, and this folder is placed in the most recent folder used
  2. Click "Folder" to select another bookmarks
  3. Use only one folder
  4. If you accidentally created a wrong bookmark, click "Remove" to undo
  5. Then "Close" the add bookmark
Now you already customized your bookmarks. 🙂
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My Google Chrome’s bookmark bar is missing


You can always dock your bookmarks bar under the address bar so you can access it easily. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Goggle Chrome Menu .

2. Choose Bookmarks.

3. Choose the option "Always show bookmarks bar".

Alternatively, you can use your keyboard shortcuts. Just press Ctrl+Shift+B for Windows. If you want to disable the bookmarks bar, unselect the option "Always show bookmarks bar" option.

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