My firefox is freezing for flash heavy websites

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I was having problems with my Firefox browser for weeks. 

It began freezing with increasing frequency, I noticed it was happening mostly on sites like YouTube, yahoo and I think some flash heavy websites.  

At one point the first thing it did once started up was to freeze. I scan my system with Norton regularly and run the Registry and Disc cleaner from Norton Utilities often. 

It also froze on me while in Safe Mode – Windows 7.

How do i fix this?

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My firefox is freezing for flash heavy websites


Hello Eumar,

Since Firefox is hanging on some of the heavy browsers, which probably need a lot of memory for execution, then it seems that your RAM speed is a bit low. You might have to consider upgrading the memory to solve the hanging issues that Firefox is experiencing now.

You can also try using another program, apart from Norton to fix the registry problems that Firefox may be having. The program I will recommend is called CCleaner which you can download for free online.

In case the problem persists then you might be forced to uninstall Firefox and install it again, and see if that may be the solution to the problem.


Lee Hung

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My firefox is freezing for flash heavy websites


Hi Eumar,

To resolve the problem of freezing when running Firefox:

       First option:

  1. Save your bookmarks and passwords.
  2. Uninstall Firefox, use universal uninstaller/perfect uninstaller to ensure you completely remove any residual files left behind.  
  3. Re-install Firefox.

Thou it seems you have already tried this procedure.

Second option:

Creating a new profile in Firefox

  1. Ensure all applications are closed
  2. You will need to create a new profile, to locate your Firefox profiles:
  3. Go to start menu > click Run > type firefox.exe – ProfileManager  > press enter.
  4. To access location of profiles, in Run type %APPDATA%MozillaFirefoxProfiles.
  5. Create new profile but do not delete old profile. Only delete old profile after you have made copy of old profile. Here is Mozilla ref to Profile Manager:

Wish you all the best






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