My CPU usage goes to 100% usage

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My CPU usage goes to 100% whenever a small app is running. Why is that?

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My CPU usage goes to 100% usage


Hi Dorothy,

Hope the following steps will guide you in fixing of this issue.

  • The thing you need to do for reducing the high CPU usage for the most as follows.
  • Empty your cache by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete by checking the box which is next to "Empty cache" and In the menu that is next to the tab displayed "Clear data from this period" by selecting "Everything" & hit the "Clear browsing data" and if the clearing your cache doesn't fix the problem then deleting results in the additional kinds of browsing data that may help.
  • Now disable the extensions by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N then the problem goes right away and also an extension may be at certain fault then try disabling one by one isolatedly.
  • Now its time to disable your antivirus software temporarily and then it solves the problem then try by using the different kind of antivirus software as Spyware Doctor using net.
  • For seeing which processes in the Google Chrome using high CPU then use the task manager by pressing Shift + Esc.
Thank you.
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My CPU usage goes to 100% usage


Mostly, that is immaterial.

If it is truly retardation plume, it is likely you don't have enough RAM, or loud module, as in MB’s as 256 or 512 then add some more RAM, or slower HDD, a store anomalousness, lacking VGA, a weakness set cross, many another component troubles or too more software programs running behind. Suggest you run “Hijacker” software to see how many programs are running behind.

If dozens of programs are loaded and all are running then it would be sufficient to effort the job you exposit.

If you have installed program like Norton Antivirus, uninstall it and install Microsoft Security Essential only and see how some modify you get.

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