My computer starts but my keyboard is not on

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Hi There!

I have a general problem. It is keyboard problem for me. I cannot write anything.


Because my keyboard is out power. When I lookup in my keyboard then I see that keyboard indicator light is not on.

But why? My keyboard is always right and configured properly. So why keyboard power is off?

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My computer starts but my keyboard is not on


Hello Hugh

 Regarding your problem have you noticed that your keyboard lit up upon starting your computer? or not? Well incidents happen that may have caused the problem. Was there any incident that the board was damaged? wet or spilled with water? Or other reason for a shortcircuit to happen? If no So let us try this.

Check the keyboard wire of any openings or slit/cut any damages/disconnection. if there is no disconnection let's proceed.

Check if the usb is properly inserted. You can also remove and replace to be sure just properly replace it at the proper functional port.

If nothing works then you could let a technician look at it.

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My computer starts but my keyboard is not on



Keyboard problem? I have a solution to this issue.

In your case, power light is on but when you press the keys in your keyboard, it's not writing.

This is caused by corrupt software/driver of your keyboard, listed as code 39.

You will need to update the driver in order for this to work.

Here are the 2 ways to resolve keyboard issue

* Install and download this file, saved it to your desktop

* Click the file “kb_code39_fix.reg” and click the run button
* Choose Yes if to proceed to the next step and click OK
* Restart your computer and keyboard should work
* Make sure that the keyboard's wire is plugged in correctly

Another steps to fix this issue

* Go to Start, run
* Type regedit and enter
* A new screen will show, type kbdclass and press enter
* Look for Upperfilters and double click on it, then edit to include kbdclass only and press OK
* Stop until it complete the search and all files that has kdbclass are all found
* Close this registry page editor
* look for Code 39 and uninstall it
* Restart you computer and keyboard should work

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My computer starts but my keyboard is not on


Have a nice day!!!

You cannot  type anything using your keyboard? I know why it's like that and there are 2 reasons because (1.) your plug is too shabby.( 2.) try using a (USB)  keyboard and when you start your computer press all the keys on the keyboard but make sure you press the following first: Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock then try to press as much as possible until the welcome screen pops up.

Or when your keyboard does not work properly, the problem is the keyboard driver, it works as an indication condo in between the hardware device  as a keyboard and your computer. And you driver is either corrupted or missing the communication process breaks down between the computer and the device. And all you have to do is update your keyboard drivers and this is a little bit harder but you need to correct the keyboard driver, you also need to match the drivers to your specific systems specifications. And the best thing to do is you get a software to help you access the data of you new drivers. 1st thing to do is go to the website and when you are already on the website, please click FREE SCAN and then save the file. And after the software save click again SCAN  and then result will shown. The keyboard driver were missing. And all you have to do is you find keyboard driver and it will download a new driver and it will automatically updating  all the drivers specifically the keyboard. And to avoid corrupting drivers make your computers secure, to prevent future problems you must close all you security after use.


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My computer starts but my keyboard is not on


Before anything do you try another keyboard except yours? and if it works without any problems so you need to change yours and if you face the same problem so You can follow these steps and see what will happen ok 

check that you connect your keyboard in it's right place in your computer 

check  if your connector has  any pins bent as it should doesn't have in case of using older PS2 keyboards 

 In Case of using USB keyboard so try to reinstall the driver software that come with your USB keyboard and you can do that with your mouse and the keyboard that is available under start menu and then access category

 You may try to remove your keyboard or reboot it  or can you go to control panel and reinstall the keyboard 

i think this all the solutions that you can try

Hope one of them helps you

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