My computer network keeps hanging

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I have been having a computer network problem for the past one year now.  The problem is, my computer network hangs ups from time to time and this is owed to the domain or main file server. I already checked the utilities of AD and DNS and have also tried DENS error events like 4015 and 4004 but it turns out to be ok. I think the server is also having a hard time. What advice can you offer me?   


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My computer network keeps hanging


Hi Charlotte Jones,

     There were many reasons why do computer hangs up:

  1. Probably the Processor or the Motherboard overheats.  It may be the fault of the cooling fan. Because once the processor gets heat it's operation to work tends to freeze and will only normalize if the temperature cools down.
  2. It can also be due to hard disk problem.  It makes it harder for you to access the operating system files required to make the computer run.

Hope this might help you.


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My computer network keeps hanging



Well brother it seems that problem is to be checked at two areas in your Windows or your system hardware.
1.Please first of all make sure that you LAN card drivers are properly installed.
2.Now after connecting to the internet through server if your network icon that is displayed in the system tray keeps searching for an IP for long time period then it means that the problem is in your LAN card please replace it.
3.If your LAN card obtains the IP and hangs up time to time then rejoin your computer to the domain by first bringing it into a Workgroup and then again to the Domain because sometimes domain connection policies don’t work and your network hangs up time to time.
But if you still face the problem even after rejoining to domain then the problem is with your server please check the server for following:
1.Check if your server’s Active directory is working. If not then install Active Directory on your server.
2.If Active Directory if working fine then check in the Administrative Tools if the DNS is configured because sometimes DNS errors hang up all network.
I hope this might help you.

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