My computer hangs when i download files

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Hi Experts!

I am trying to download a file from internet.

It takes too much time and while downloading the file my computer is hanging as well as I could not download the file.

Is any swift download software by which I could do the job well?


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My computer hangs when i download files

Downloading a file from internet will be depending on your DSL/Broadband speed.
If you have a fast broadband in the planet, it can guarantee you don't wait long. If you having a slow connection it really takes time to download files especially huge files.
It also causes hanging on your Systems because your system would not accommodate this process.
1. Upgrade your internet Speed that would accommodate your request in terms of downloading.
2. Upgrade your PC, the PC process starts to begin slower and slower when it's old. Make sure there will be no defects on the PC components.
3. Try to download another website files from internet and see if it hanging or not. If not, maybe the website has the problem on their site, or their host. If still hanging then you must have execute all the solutions that i give you.
Tony Stevenson 
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My computer hangs when i download files


You can either use a good network speed to boost the speed of download or you can either use a software also to enhance your network speed.

But in this case you need to check that you are using a valid path and a valid link to download your software.

If your computer hangs after times then there may be some virus in your program and then in this condition you need to make sure that your copy of software is a valid copy and it doesn't contain any bugs and error in installation.

Then you can run a full virus scan on to your computer to make sure that you have not download a virus program. Check the website you are using to download your software also.

The program you can install to download from the near is internet download manager (IDM) you can download this program also the trial is free but you can also purchase it.

Once you have this software you will be easy with your software download. You can easily download your files with in time and easy to download. But network speed also required in this case you need to enhance your network speed also to speed up your download.

Michal joran.

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My computer hangs when i download files


Well if you are downloading a large file from the internet and you are using your browser's downloader then you will wait for long for the download to finish as well as experience the problems that you are having right now.

They are many download accelerators that will speed up your download, but I will recommend for you the following:

  • Internet download manager
  • Orbit downloader.

Do not try to download from any illegal websites.

All these applications are downloadable for free online, so just search for one that interests you, download it and install it and use to download your file.

Thompson Locker


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